The church as a space for social innovation and entrepreneurship

Presentation and dialogue

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For more than ten years the Diocese of Portsmouth has run a programme that supports civic action and social entrepreneurship in the local community. Caring for the poorest and most marginalized in our society, and campaigning for injustice to end are at the heart of the Christian faith. We’re involved in in a number of initiatives to help make a difference in the communities that we serve, and across the world. Our Good Neighbors Network involves more than 100 care groups offering neighborly care around Hampshire. We’re also involved in caring for the homeless, asylum seekers and those with mental health issues. Meet Nick Ralph who leads the Council for Social Responsibility which advises parishes on engagement with their communities and runs a range of innovative and creative support programmes to help them in their mission and ministry.

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  • Fredag 15/9

    10:00 – 11:00

    Nick Ralph, canon and director for social enterprise and engagement at The Diocese of Portsmouth