See the beauty in you – Extract your DNA


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Every human being is unique and let’s celebrate that fact! It is your DNA, which makes you YOU. The DNA molecules in the cells of your body contain the recipe for you – your genetic information. With our workshop, we want you to visualize your DNA – both in a metaphorical and literal sense – as well as the important features it possesses. We hope this gives the general citizen a better understanding of the building blocks of life and a chance to celebrate their uniqueness. Join BioBarakken to extract and visualize your DNA and make a personalised gift!

A global biohacking movement is currently revolutionising the world by making molecular biology and biotechnology accessible for everyone. Several Do-It-Yourself (DIY) laboratories and biohacker spaces have been established worldwide, which are open for amateur scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and everyone who just wants to make cool experiments together with the community.

BioBarakken is a non-profit organisation located in Aarhus with an ongoing mission to provide an open and easy-to-access DIY laboratory for learning molecular biology and developing biotechnology. Our mantra is “Democratise Biotechnology” and we wish to provide access for everyone to innovate in biotechnology. Come and join us. The biohacking revolution has come to Aarhus.

(Workshoppen vil foregå på letforståeligt engelsk med hjælp fra danskere, som kan oversætte.)

Tid og sted(1 time)

  • Fredag 15/9

    10:00 – 12:00

    SKOLEN, finder sted i Wahlbergs bygning