Rethink Activism Urban Challenge


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The workshop is a 7 hours playful exploration of 7 urban challenges related to places in the temporary city of the Rethink Activism festival. The purpose is to connect people, explore important dilemmas and dream up new and visionary solutions. We will rethink the city from the bottom up and build prototypes of the solutions we come up with.

These are the urban challenges we will work with:

1. Rediscover lost meeting places (MEDBORGERHUSET – Local hall)
2. Learn how to take action together (SKOLEN – School)
3. Take the city as a place for movement (STADION – Stadium)
4. Recreate the alliance between citizens and politicians (RÅDHUSET – City hall)
5. Manifest spirit in the city space (KUNSTBYGNINGEN – Arts building)
6. Create value for the common good (VIRKSOMHEDEN – Company)
7. Rediscover lost neighbourliness (GADEN – Street)

The workshop ends with an open presentation and celebration of the solutions at 17.00. It is facilitated and documented by students from the Kaospilot education.

Tid og sted(1 time)

  • Lørdag 16/9

    11:00 – 18:00

    Team 24, Kaospilot
    BYDELSKONTORET, takes place in the Wahlberg building