Reclaiming politics


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How can we strengthen civil society to build robust communities? Together we will share experiences of taking action in our towns and cities – both as politicians and community activists – working to be more effective.

Annabelle Macfadyen is a social and environmental activist, community artist and creative educator. She has grown roots in Frome over 30 years and played leading roles in a wide range of community groups in the town.

Peter Macfadyen is author of Flatpack Democracy, a book capturing the process used by Independents for Frome to take control of Frome town council (on which he has been both Mayor and Leader). He has worked on issues of social justice for 35 years, covering areas including disability rights and climate change.

Tid og sted(1 time)

  • Lørdag 16/9

    14:00 – 15:00

    Annabelle and Peter Macfadyen, Frome, Somerset, UK.
    RÅDHUSET, takes place in the Wahlberg building