New politics: Taking back the power

Presentation and dialogue

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Can current examples of new politics in Europe inspire and support adventures in Denmark?

Politics are changning. And not just in the constellation of parties at power in councils or parlaments, but also in the way we as citizens have a voice and can influenze political decisionmaking and processes.
In this interactive talk we will look at the experiences of involving citizens and developing a new political citizensship in Barcelona and the english town Frome.
We’ve been invited together with David Fernández from Barcelona en Comú, and Peter Macfadyen from Frome town council to kickstart a conversation about new politics in Denmark.
They have both been part of introducing more participatory and citizen driven politics in their respective local enviroment – both through the existing and new political structures.

Read more about Barcelona en Comú here:
Read more about Peter Macfadyen and his book Flatpack Democracy here:

Fandenivoldsk Forandring, is a consultancy working with making new political relationsships and -movements in Danish municipalicies and organizations. We will facilitate and bridge the experiences and ideas from Frome and Barcelona with your danish perspectives on creating new politics.

Expect an interactive, fun and inspiring hour which hopefully will bring hope and desire to take action.

Tid og sted(1 time)

  • Lørdag 16/9

    15:00 – 16:00

    Peter Macfadyen, Independents for Frome – David Fernández, Barcelona en Comú – Helle Engelbrechtsen og Brian Frandsen, Fandenivoldsk Forandring
    RÅDHUSET, takes place at Torvet