The Barcelona story: How to win back the city

Talk and dialogue

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Barcelona en Comú (Catalan for Barcelona in Common) is a citizen platform that is currently governing the City of Barcelona. Its policy agenda includes defending social justice and community rights, promoting participatory democracy, introducing mechanisms to tackle corruption, and developing a new model of tourism for Barcelona. Many of the platform’s founding members have been active for many years in social and political movements in Barcelona that emerged in the wake of the Spanish economic crisis and the 15M protests.

David Fernández will take us through the story of Barcelona en Comú from the formation in 2014 till today: What happened? What is the vision for a new democracy? What are the results, challenges, dilemmas and learnings? The talk is followed by a dialogue that invites us to imagine a similar process in Aarhus.

Tid og sted(1 time)

  • Søndag 17/9

    13:00 – 14:00

    David Fernández, Barcelona en Comú – a.o.