A new alliance between citizens and politicians

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Annabelle and Peter Macfadyen tell the story of Frome where new ways of working have led to radical changes and a healthier relationship between local people and their town council.

Independents for Frome (IfF) was created to support a group of individuals to stand and get elected to Frome Town Council in 2011. Ten of the seventeen who stood were elected. This gave IfF an outright majority on the council that allowed a raft of ambitious ideas to be implemented much of which is described in Flatpack Democracy.

Annabelle Macfadyen is a social and environmental activist, community artist and creative educator. She has grown roots in Frome over 30 years and played leading roles in a wide range of community groups in the town.

Peter Macfadyen is author of Flatpack Democracy, a book capturing the process used by Independents for Frome to take control of Frome town council (on which he has been both Mayor and Leader). He has worked on issues of social justice for 35 years, covering areas including disability rights and climate change.

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    17:00 – 18:00

    Annabelle and Peter Macfadyen, Independents for Frome