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Masterclass ‘Cities of Commons’ (kl. 10 – 11)
Marco Buemi, URBACT Expert, Rome, Italy
Introduction to the ‘Cities of Commons’ through concrete examples, and with a focus on how grass root activities have managed to generate a local policy that enables local communities to act. It started in Bologna with “The Regulation on Collaboration Between Citizens and the Administration for the Care and Regeneration of Urban Commons”. the Bologna City Council adopted it in 2014, and since then the regulation has become something of a model in Italy, where cash-strapped local governments can use citizens’ help. Some 60 municipalities have followed Bologna in adopting it.

Everyday Activist movement across Europe (kl. 11-11:45)
Eddy Adams, URBACT Programme Expert and SIX Adviser,
Paul Natorp, Rethink Activism, Aarhus, Denmark

Setting the stage. What is the vision behind the Aarhus Everyday Activists movement and the Rethink Activism Festival?  What are the wider EU perspectives of these activist movements?  A conversation between Eddy and Paul on democratic changes.  

Short presentations (10 minutes each): (kl. 11.45 – 13)

ShareforHelp (
Ferenc Szigeti, URBACT expert, Hungary
ShareForHelp: help needs publicity. First, if humans are extremely social animal as many people say, why ’bad’ gets viral on Internet than ’good’, especially in these challenging times? Secondly, in line with social innovation theories, how to involve the unusual suspects as ’unlikely connections boost social action’? Last, but not least, whilst young people do have an activist bent, they do not want to do good only as it is beneficial for the society, their altruism is strongly influenced by consumerism, technology and individual desires. They want to buy movement; thus the question is how to build up a worldwide gamification tool to involve young people in social activism?

Free Riga
Sabine Zagere, Riga; Latvia
‘Free Riga’ might strike you as activist, but this passionate group with a smart approach to vacancy in the capital city of Latvia not radical. The group contributes and acts in support of integrated projects for urban regeneration and reclamation of urban wasteland. Sabine Zagere from Riga gives a firsthand presentation.

Samir Taub, Eindhoven; The Nederlands
“In the past we spent a lot of money on the delivery of a general package of
services without exactly knowing what kind of support was needed on personal level. We have a
strong belief that people, if empowered, are capable of taking responsibility and solving their
own problems in a more efficient way. Eindhoven is in transition and the core element is WeEindhoven”

DLR – Public Participation Network
Laura Howe, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland
The DLR Public Participation Network (PPN) is the main framework for public engagement and participation. The PPN connects with Community, Social Inclusion and Environmental sectors. The aim of the PPN is to facilitate and enable the public and organizations to voice their views and interests within the local government system.

REGNOLI 41 – Evolution of a Social Street – How the Community can CHANGE local environment
Alessandro Fabbri, Forli, Italy
This is a case study and storytelling about the birth of a Community in Giorgio Regnoli road (Forlì), and its evolution during 10 years (2007 to 2017). The presentation will show how in 10 years Regnoli became an open-air museum, a Hub for associations and a Co-working Place for locals.

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  • Lørdag 16/9

    10:00 – 13:00

    Eddy Adams, URBACT – Paul Natorp, Rethink Activism – Marco Buemi (Italy), Ferenc Szigeti (Hungary), Sabine Zagere (Latvia), Samir Taub (The Netherlands), Laura Howe (Ireland), Alessandro Fabbri (Italy)
    KULTURHUSET, takes place at Meet Shop